Friday, December 7, 2007

The last available Bonzo Dog Band related blog name available?

Other potential names for this blog were:
My Pink Half of the Drainpipe (taken)
We Are Normal And We Want Our Freedom (brilliant, but too long)
Mr. Slaters' Parrot (sorry)
Keynsham (just missed it by this much)

I intend to provide you people with a selection of rare aural oddities varying in nature from noisy to catchy. I hope to post music from various high school bands (my own and others) from time to time, as well. Were you in a band between the ages of 0-19 that made music described as 'rarefied'? (i.e. You didn't play Led Zeppelin covers exclusively.) Drop me a line.

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Willard said...


Love the name choices... I might have gone with Rhinocratic Oaths, but that's just me.

Just wanted to say good luck on the blog and thanks for the linkage to The Boat and Harry. Very appreciated (and we've returned the same). Also... it was good to hear something from Workshop again. I've got it on LP (no turntable) and haven't heard it in years... oops, since last century.

Lastly, VERY conincidently... I'm posting a Viv Stanshall oddity in a few days. Stop by for a download if you get the chance.

Good luck on the blog.