Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Allan Sherman- Music to Dispense With
In 1966 Allan Sherman was apparently as famous as Paris Hilton. Being negative eight years old I don't have very reliable memories of the pop culture gestalt of the time. But when I brought this record home from the flea market in 1998 I knew it was destined to become one of my favorite van-passenger testing tools. If you can hear the brilliance in this most silly record then I wanna hang out with you.

The Scott Paper Company commissioned Sherman to write six songs for them. They were handed a masterpiece of parodic songs concerning the effects of reforestation, technology, and economics on man and dog.

Did Scott flinch when Sherman declared their products made holy water 'somewhat holier' or made chicken soup taste 'twice as jewish?' And when was the last time a corporation risked being directly responsible for religious humor?

These mp3 files are taken from a vinyl rip. The vinyl source was in poor condition, so I did the best I could to de-click the thing. It may not be the audiophile treasure of the year, but if you care that much you're missing the point.

Makin' Coffee (Makin' Whoopee)


TLT said...

Nice to hear of a faulty coffee machine getting its comeuppance. But what havoc will it wreak in the garbage dump? The plot thickens.

BrooksIsHere said...

That Russian vending machine sounds very hostile, and negative, I like'm already

johnferg99 said...


jtube here. i want to send you our new album, "B.F.F. (big fresh forever). can you email me with your snail addy so i can bestow you with my home recorded jams?

how's life post japan?
how's japan?



Bruce said...

Bruce here. My parents had an Allan Sherman album called My Son the Nut I commandeered when I was plus eight years old and listened to incessantly. It was full of old pop songs I never knew the real words to, but I can't hear them to this day without hearing Sherman's lyrics. I can still sing that entire album. Great stuff. It definitely set the stage for Spike Jones and the Bonzos for me, and lyrically, maybe even Zappa.

Christine said...

In response to bruce ~~

I still have My Son The Nut! Also My Son The Folk Singer and My Son The Celebrity. All sitting there not five feet away in the bottom of the bookshelf, amongst a plethora of sixties gems (including all the Beatles and all the Tom Lehrer LP's).

There are probably more of us out there than we could ever know........ mainly because too many of us "fifty-somethings" and above are computer-illiterate.

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BigBirdFan said...

Can you post this wole album? It is on the box set but it is missing the introduction at the begining of the original record. Thanks. Bob