Friday, April 4, 2008

Like This Parade

Misawa Masanori (or as he's known in Japan, Masanori Misawa) is Tokyo's unheralded king of melody. Outside of a few compilation appearances you won't find his music in stores-- real life or online. The best way to get his music is to know him. He occasionally burns small quantities of cdr eps under the name Like This Parade to give to his friends. With names like CDR Feb 08, these eps are like a 'zine or a diary. Brian Wilson's fertile Smile period is one obvious reference point. But Misawa's music goes beyond stylistic imitation. He creates his own intricate and elegant musical universe. His pieces range from under one minute to just over two minutes in length. These musical miniatures are rendered using mainly toy instruments like ukulele and Casio keyboards employed with an adult's harmonic sophistication.

Misawa is also the keyboardist in the immortal Elekibass.

"Milk-bus to your dream" from CDR Jul07:

"The March of Bel*Air (Rough sketch)" from CDR Feb08:

"The March of Bel*Air" was written and recorded at my house!!!
Download CDR Jul07
Download CDR Feb08

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BrooksIsHere said...

Can't get the Feb one to work. Really dig it, I've been getting into some similar stuff recently. Returned to Japanese electronic/pop through Masafume Takada (composer for Killer7 and No More Heroes). Will be looking into Like This Parade and his other projects more. Thanks!